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Bespoke Ventilation

ventilation design and instalation

The heath & safety executive has acknowledged that insufficient ventilation is one of the main causes of loss of productivity in the work place.

Improvements to building standards and increased energy efficiency regulations mean that buildings are not able to "breathe" and are becoming increasingly air tight as time goes on.

Opening windows is not an option in the winter months, therefore buildings should be adequately ventilated by means of a suitable mechanical ventilation system.

We can provide bespoke options for each customer, as no two installations are the same. We offer heat recovery ventilation (HRV), which incorporates an internal unit, recovering heat energy lost through ventilation and maintains a comfortable and clean indoor environment, without changes in room temperature. This also reduces the load on the air conditioning system, saving energy.

We can provide design and installations on all types of ventilation systems, including toilet extract, kitchen extract, domestic HRV, commercial HRV, and air handling units (AHU's) incorporating D/X cooling and heating, chilled water (CW) & low temperature hot water (LTHW) We supply equipment from leading manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Nu-Aire, Vent-Axia, Trane and more ...

We can offer a cost-effective solution for all types of buildings; - homes, pubs, night clubs, schools, commercial offices, industrial premises, factories and warehouses.

Ventilation Service & Maintenance

We provide service & maintenance contracts for ventilation equipment. We can carry out a detailed site survey and discuss the most suitable type of contract with you for your equipment, ensuring that it is kept in optimum working order by regularly changing the return air filters, treating the heat exchanger coils, replacing the fan belts when necessary, testing the fan belts for correct tension and checking for worn pulleys. Poorly maintained ventilation equipment will lose efficiency and become significantly less energy-efficient, costing up to 50% more to use. compared with a "healthy" properly maintained system.

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