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R22 Phase-out

Please read the article below, if you are unsure of what to do if you own equipment containing R22;

“Dec 31st 2009 sees the use of virgin (new) R22 refrigerant banned (under the EU ozone regulation EC2037/2000), but the use of recycled R22 for maintenance purposes until the end of 2014 is permitted.”

“Experts predict that stocks of recycled R22 will be depleted well before then, resulting in the soaring cost of the available refrigerant”.

If you own refrigeration or air conditioning equipment operating on R22 refrigerant, we urge you to contact us to discuss the options available to you for the future, without obligation.

We can ensure that your company is compliant with the latest legislation concerning R22 refrigerant as well as saving you money through significantly reduced running costs of modern, energy efficient equipment.

We are finding that many spare parts for R22 equipment are either obsolete or very highly priced compared to 5 years ago. Many of our clients are recognising this and are replacing their R22 equipment for modern R410a inverter energy efficient systems. Benefits include; 3-5 year warranty on all new installations, reduced running costs of around 40% and 100% 1st year tax allowance on the first year on the full cost of the installation including pipe work, drainage and electrics through the ECA Scheme

Modern energy-efficient air conditioning systems pay for themselves in around 3-5 years due to the huge savings on energy bills. We would be happy to provide a calculation to highlight what your existing systems are costing you to run per annum against new systems. We think you may be surprised with the outcome …

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